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How To Connect To Your Highest Self – Your #1 BFF (Best Friend Forever). Part 2. Music.

by aurora north

Are you still smiling?

I hope the first part of this Soulful Traveler blog series made you smile big time.

There are many things that make your soul, your Highest Self smile, and those are moments when it is easiest to connect to your Highest Self. If you really want that soulful connection to happen and develop further, follow your life’s trail of smiling moments.

There is something that moves us all across the globe.

In every culture and every land where humans live and love. There is a sound that we all love to hear, that pulls us in, and brings our spirits up, up and away. It sounds unique and different to each one of us. But it moves us in the same way, no matter what frequency we tune into, and no matter how or where we hear it.

And with it, our hearts swell and fill up with the most incredible beauty of it, that special sound, that moves us, inside and out. We can’t help but answer the call

1. Dancing To The Music of The Universe.

There is a reason why Sufis whirl like dervishes, why Shamans shake rattles and pound drums, why we originally coined the term “Divas” (from the Italian/Latin word for ”Goddess”) to describe the most sublime Opera virtuose, why thousands of people from time immortal dance around maypoles, why young crowds dance in ecstasy at the shrine of major DJs in nightclubs, why gospels are sung in packed churches, and why our fingers get a tappin’ when some piece of music moves us.

There is a reason why so many singers and dancers flock to reality shows to share the joy they feel in practicing their craft, and why millions (millions!) tune in to vote for their favourites.

There is a reason why audiences give standing ovations to the grand orchestras of the world.

There is a reason why every human drawn to play a musical instrument or sing a song feels that pull to create a sound of their own, and share their special sound with the world.

There is a reason why so many faiths and belief systems around the world cherish and share some kind of sacred music with their communities and congregations.

Music moves us. Dancing moves us.

And there is nothing that moves us most but when we truly dance to the Music of The Universe.

I hear God’s whisper
Calling my name
It’s in the wind
I am the savior
I hear God’s whisper
Calling my name
It’s in the wind
I am the savior
We are the saviors!”
~ Raury

How do you feel when you hear your favorite song, from your favorite artist?

Does it make you get up and dance?

Have you ever had a moment when you literally lost yourself in some music, and stopped thinking, but just kept moving and moving and moving with the flow?

Have you ever been moved to tears by a piece of music that made you feel like you were transported someplace else for a moment?

Have you ever danced with such joy and abandon that you forgot yourself in that moment?

That is what called dancing with The Music of The Universe.

The Music of The Universe also contains and flows with incredible healing energies.

The right note can bring our spirits UP, can bring that so needed seed of LIGHT when you feel surrounded by only darkness, can make our hearts’ dreams come true with the limitless POTENTIAL that is found in the deepest most profound heart of a song.

The Music of The Universe makes our emotions dance and sing like nothing else.

And when we give in to the PURE feeling and emotion of the music we listen to, that we share with others, that we let our bodies express through dance, that we play on any instrument, that we sing with everything we’ve got in us – that is where we become ONE with The Music of The Universe.

We BECOME that powerful and incredibly touching MUSIC that The Universe plays through every fibre of our dancing beings.

What a powerful thing. What a pure RUSH. To become the Body Electric – electrified and multiplied by a WAVE of the purest SOUND.

Sound. Sound. Sound. Reverberating echoing through us, in us, with us.

And when we hit those moments, hear that note that brings us there, feel the wave that makes our bodies flow into it, and through it, oh how we are blessed.

And in those moments, our soul, our Highest Self, is dancing right there with us, swaying to the beat.

Your Highest Self knows all the steps, all the notes, and all the echos and chorus.

When you just give yourself mind body and soul to the Music of The Universe, your Highest Self shares with you, in that deep deep never-ending mOMent, your very own Soul Song – the song of songs about your life, about the bestest happiest life you are meant to live, all the notes about your greatest self.

YOU have a Soul Song. Listen and dance with that wonderfully moving Highest Self and you will find it, play it, and sing it. Your Soul Song awaits.

Music and dance have inspired thousands of people across the millennia into creating unimaginably beautiful works of art, discovering and sharing mind-blowing scientific innovations, writing transcendent odes and sonnets, and so much more.

Music inspires me each and every time I write, and when I write from the deepest, most profoundly soulful level, I am usually listening to some special kind of music. Here is one such piece of music that inspired me. And when I dance to that Music of The Universe, I am somewhere else and someone else. I am one with my Highest Self, and most complete.

Next time you feel that wave of sound hitting you and carrying you away, listen for a small voice inside that small wave of sound. That voice is your Highest Self saying quite simply: “Yes.”

Start with that one Yes and keep going with that wave. The Music of The Universe will be there waiting for you. See what messages you find there, waiting with your Highest Self. And dance, dance, dance.

May you always dance with The Music of The Universe,

Aurora North is a Writer,  Medium and Soulful Facilitator who, through spiritual coaching, helps people unlock their soulful potential. She channels messages from Spirit (angels, spirit guides, Earth-bound spirits, departed loved ones & other light beings) which provide healing and growth along the spiritual path. She has also been giving tarot and oracle card readings since she first picked up a deck 20 years ago.  To book a session with Aurora, please choose from the Menu of Services or send her a message.


3 thoughts on “How To Connect To Your Highest Self – Your #1 BFF (Best Friend Forever). Part 2. Music.

  1. I find the best way to get in touch with my higher self is just to do the things I love such as paint, write, be in the mountains and most of all, have enough queitness throughout the day to stay grounded and clear my mind. Just do what feels good 🙂


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