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These Guided Meditations will help bring you to your  HAPPY place!

Grounding Meditation2_ Aurora North

Grounding Meditation


Are you feeling scattered, with a thousand things pulling at you for your attention, in a thousand different directions? Or maybe you are having a difficult time with your emotions in a particular troubling moment?

This Grounding Meditation will help you to:

  • Clear your thoughts.
  • Feel peace of mind.
  • Anchor you and ground you solidly and safely to the nourishing earth on a daily basis.

Energy Protection Meditation_ Aurora North
Energy Protection Meditation

Are you feeling exhausted from absorbing other people`s energies?

Whenever the latest tragedy hits your social media and news channels, do you feel overwhelmed by the pain of the world?

Are you tired of your own energy being drained by negative people around you who suck your energy on a daily basis? Would you like some help in stopping psychic vampires from feeding on your naturally warm and vibrant energy?

STOP the energy being drained from you with this quick and easy Energy Protection Meditation, and keep your energy field CLEAN, CLEAR, HEALTHY, and protected at all times.

Energy Clearing Meditation_ Aurora North

Energy Clearing Meditation

Every time we have a conversation with someone during our day, we actually create an energetic chord with them. Over time, these energetic connections collect, and get heavier and heavier for us to carry.

Also, when we are living some difficult emotions of our own through out our day, those emotions can collect around our own aura like a heavy cloud.

Use this simple Energy Clearing Meditation to:

  • Clear your own emotions through out your daily life, and at the end of your day.
  • Clear every interaction you have had through out the day.
  • Be free of old energy that no longer serves your highest good.
  • Help you to sleep peacefully and well every night.

Aurora North Psychic Medium - Soulful Traveler - - Happiness Coach - Tips on Living a Happy Life

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  • Grounding Meditation
  • Energy Protection Meditation
  • Energy Clearing Meditation

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