How Manifesting What You Want, Is Like Living With A Cat – and other funny things about the universe

by aurora north

Manifesting is HILARIOUS.

Heee – la – reee – ous. Seriously.

Manifesting makes me giggle. Most times just plain LOL – laugh out loud. It’s just so funny, really.

Why or how, you may ask?

Well, picture for a moment what it’s like to be a kid.

A kid who has just learned how to do something really neat and cool.

You know, who then runs up to you, Mom or Dad, and says: “look what I can DO!”.

Now if you’re that little kid, odds are you’ll maybe clap your hands (or high five someone) and laugh with glee at the thrill of it. What an amazing WOW of a moment that is – to learn how to do something new, when you’re a kid.

It’s really neat. And that’s exactly how manifesting, and manifesting what is, feels like.  Übercool. And it’s so cool, odds are you’ll just laugh out loud at how neat it really is.

Now, did you know that when you manifest, you are manifesting what IS – what already exists?

Now you’re probably scratching your head about the “what is” part of manifesting that I’m talking about. What it means is to manifest what already exists.

I’ll explain a bit about how that is possible and how I’ve come to practice this myself.

For some time, I have been spending my time contemplating the Meaning of Life.

How did I do this? I listened to all the Conversations With God and watched and thought about What The Bleep Do We Know.

And absorbed all kinds of stuff about the Stuff that makes up the Universe.

That’s where I went on a manifesting kick. Manifesting in my very favorite way – through synchrolicious synchronicities.

What is a synchrolicious synchronicity? Synchrolicious is a word I coined back in 2007. It means a synchronicity that is simply delicious. Hence, synchrolicious.

Well, I’ve been following those synchrolicious synchronicities pretty much all my life, so that comes naturally to me.

But hoo boy! Those synchrolicious synchronicities have been zooming around me these past few waves on lots of ridiculously abundant – and often the silliest – of ways. All of which has been cool and fun.

There are 2 ways to Manifest:

  1. The Tougher, Thoughtful & Thought-filled Way

  2. The Lazybones No Brainer Way

With Numero Uno, you focus on visualizing and creating what you want to appear in your life.

Your authentic self, your dream career, the love of your life, the abundance of abundance that you seek.

See this is tougher ’cause you have to figure out what exactly that is to begin with. You may or may not have a clue right now.

But eventually you will.

Now with Door Number 2, you can sit back and relax.

It involves paying attention to something that is already in your environment.

Try that now. Look around, let a few thoughts trickle through your brain. And then pick one thing or person.

Pay attention to it. It’s shape, the colours, the sound, the taste.

How it makes you feel. What does it remind you of?

Whatever it is – keep it right in your mind for one FULL mindful moment.

And then let it go. Go about your merry way and continue with your life.

Now see if it appears in your life again.

I’ll give you one example that happened to me.

I was watching Drew Barrymore being interviewed on TV and my mind focused on one thing she talked about – starring in Firestarter.

Now that’s not a movie you hear often talked about from her career.

I then looked away and went back to the book I was reading. I turned the page, and low and behold the book referenced Drew Barrymore talking about Firestarter.

This book had nothing to do with Hollywood, movies, or anything like that.

Poof! There you have it – one synchrolicious synchronicity manifested!

So let’s go on to the next step of this What IS business.

How Can What We Manifest Already Exist In The Universe?

When we manifest, we manifest what already is. It already exists.

You see, the Universe contains a million million million possibilities.

The Universe is all made up of the same Stuff.

You, me, bananas, Punk Rock music, mountains and rocks, the sun and moon, the colour blue, everything.

We are made of the same essential Stuff.

The question is really not how to create in order to manifest – but how to release, the energy in the Universe, that already contains that reality.

Nothing needs to be created. It already exists. In you, me, everything else I just mentioned, because we all contain the same Stuff.

Sounds crazy? Kooky? Whacked out maybe? Maybe.

But I figure if you’re reading my blog, you already know this is a place where we talk about possibilities.

Now Einstein was hip to this, with his famous formula:

E = mc2.

You can go read up about it here. I won’t go into details, but it brings up matter and energy being equal to each other (vast simplification on my part).

And that’s where “Living With A Cat” appears.

I’d like to think it’s the “C” dimension hidden in Einstein’s formula, in a metamorphic way.

But I was thinking about how to describe Manifesting What Is and it hit me that it’s just like living with a cat.

There are 4 possibilities to do with relating to cats, and these directly correlate to different steps of manifesting:

  1. Living With A Cat – constantly manifesting what is.

  2. Occasionally visiting a cat or two – occasionally manifesting what is.

  3. Thinking about cats – thinking about manifesting, not quite ready to live with a cat or manifest, but open to the idea.

  4. Not wanting anything to do with cats – being in denial about the power of manifesting.

But why did I pick cats? Well, for one thing I’ve had cats on the brain lately.

Seeing friends’ cats, pictures of cats, contemplating Schrödinger’s cat,  thinking about the catness of cats in general and what cat energy is like.

What happens when you come into contact with a cat?

Well, you usually end up with being covered with the catness of cats, their cat hairs, and their cat energy.

The more time you spend with a cat, the more the cat will be drawn to you like a magnet.

Because it senses its own catness and cat energy on you. And the more time you spend with a cat, the more attached you become to the cat, petting it and absorbing more and more catness and cat energy.

Basically, slowly you turn into a happy cat yourself, in a way.

Happy cats are good cats. 🙂

So imagine if you came into contact with manifesting energy in the same way.

The more you manifest and surround yourself with manifesting energy, the more you attract manifesting energy.

Law of Attraction. That’s what you got.

Hmmm. Betcha won’t look at your cat the same way now.

And yes – I do need to get myself a cat.

I love manifesting AND cats.

Makes me wonder what cats themselves manifest.

Aurora 🙂


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