David Bowie performs at Tweeter Center outside Chicago in Tinley Park,IL, USA on August 8, 2002. Photo by Adam Bielawski  Photographer: Photobra|Adam Bielawski   Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

My Conversations with David Bowie, God, and The Tip Of The Iceberg

by aurora north

I am being pushed.

Big Time.

Pushed to step fully into my BIG Authentic Light and my big, big gifts.

It feels weird to say it out loud but I just have to put it out there.

Every time I looked at my blog in 2017, I felt disturbed by it.

It just wasn’t right.

It wasn’t right because if people were to think it was the sum total of my knowledge – and people HAVE been thinking that, they would be just be so wrong about me.

My Spiritual Team

My blog right now does not explain or describe the HUGE Spiritual Team that I work with every single day, and in every part of my life, my spiritual path and my spiritual coaching business.

Like the 4 Big Guns.

Archangel Michael.
Archangel Gabriel.
Archangel Raphael.
Archangel Uriel.

Or the fact that in the past few years, I discovered 3 Dead Celebrities are actually my spirit guides helping me with ginormous pieces of my spiritual puzzle.

John Lennon.

David Bowie.

Patrick Swayze.

Oh yes, they keep poking at me too, every time they pop in.

David Bowie – My Father From Another Mother

Much to my surprise, David Bowie came in one day to help me with my healing journey.

And I discovered that he is a true, most loving and incredibly tender  father figure for me, stepping in for my own absent father. And so much more.

David is actually the one who has been pushing me the MOST about my blog, and my writing, and going even beyond. I’ll talk about that later.

And yes, I have many more helping me on my Spiritual Team.

My Classes And Workshops

My blog hasn’t even mentioned all the weekly Angel Communication and Mediumship Develoment classes I taught LIVE and in-person, in my home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2018-01-15 15.50.47

I taught dozens and dozens of students, through all of 2017, almost non-stop, week after week.

NO ONE in town taught so many Angel Communication classes as I did all year long, each one featuring a different Angel, Archangel, or Guardian Angel every week.

I also taught Mediumship Develpment classes every week, connecting with departed loved ones & ancestors, and every kind of spirit guide under the sun.

Joy Guides and Teacher Guides.

Gatekeeper Guides.

Animal Guides.

Money Guides and Career Guides.

Fairy Guides.

Mermaid and Dolphin Guides.

Dragon Guides.

Tree Guides.

We even connected with the Elements themselves!  Such healing messages from FIRE and WATER and more.

Yes, even the Elements have a voice.

You can pretty much call on a Spirit Guide with help with anything – and those are just a few kinds of Spirit Guides I’ve connected to, and taught my students how to reach out and embrace, as part of their own Spiritual Teams.

The only class I very briefly mentioned on my blog, out of all that, is my most popular class ever – on Past Lives.

I have now taught that class many, many times. As a regularly-scheduled theme on my Wed. night Mediumship Development class, and on demand for private groups and individuals.

Every time I teach my Past Lives class, I am simply amazed at the rich soil of knowledge we dip into with our intuitive gifts, to learn how those past lives – and the soul lessons we learned from them – can help us live happier, more soulful lives in our present day lives on Earth.

Just mind-blowing!

Yes my classes are available both private in-person AND online. I just updated my website about that, cause people think I don’t teach online – and I do.

Me And My Ghost Stories

My blog also didn’t tell you about all of my ghost stories.

All the ghosts I’ve chased over the years, all the ghosts I’ve talked to and the very many ghosts I’ve helped heal, and helped cross over into the Light of heaven.

You probably wouldn’t even know about the ground-breaking yet incredibly easy and simple workshop I created and taught last year, called “How To Cross Spirits Into The Light”.

If you are interested in taking this course with me, send me a note through my Classes and Workshops page.

I’ve taught the class with and without the help of Archangel Azrael, a very special Archangel, who was one of many Angels who has come into my life.

I literally don’t have the words to describe the depth of AA Azrael’s caring and compasionate love.

But I WILL write you more about him on this blog, in his very own article.

So you have lots of special treats in store, on my soulfully helpful blog platform.

Hello God, It’s Me, Aurora

And this year, there has also been another special shift.

I’ve had conversations with God since I was nine years old.

Ironically, since the day I stopped going to church on a regular basis.

That full story will wait for another day.

For most of my personal mediumship, I have focused on calling on God’s helpers to help me with my spiritual work.

But recently I have been calling on God himself. And the results have blown my mind – and have been lightening fast.

I told you all in my last article that I have been manifesting things for years.

As Dr. Phil would say, this ain’t my first rodeo, when it comes to my manfesting stuff & working the Law of Attraction.

My last article about manifesting and cats was just a small nibble of what I can do.

Yup, just another tip of the iceberg.

So it’s time I start sharing the Great Big Iceberg of Knowledge and Wisdom (G. B. I. K. W.) I have collected, with you  through the platform of this blog.

My Coaching Business

I will, of course, mainly share the true bulk of my G. B. I. K. W. with my private coaching clients.

2018-01-15 15.51.46

That’s where the major chunk of my MAGIC is unveiled, to the chosen few.

If you would like to be considered for one of my special coaching programs, you can apply here, and see what I can do for you to really claim your own BIG Authentic Place in the Universe.

In the mean time, sit back and enjoy reading the slices of iceberg I will be serving up, for your reading pleasure, in my happy online place – my blog.

See ya on the flip side,
muchachos and muchachas!

Aurora 🙂

David Bowie photo information:

David Bowie performs at Tweeter Center outside Chicago in Tinley Park,IL, USA on August 8, 2002. Photo by Adam Bielawski


Photobra|Adam Bielawski

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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