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Here are a few rave reviews of my work:

“One of the most intelligent women I have come across. I have traveled the world but never came across anybody like her. When you sit down with Aurora you are literally sitting down not only with one person but with great minds of history.

It’s a honor to be her friend. I recommend her to all fields. She’s a great leader, very wise and a trustworthy person. And above all that she has a great sense of humor.”
~ Patrick Zakhm, author of “Haunted Places”

“Aurora is a special person! She is gentle, considerate and truly cares about the progress of her clients. She will never sell you a service or a product if you don’t need it! Her work is not a job, but a devotion. You are lucky if you happen to be among her students!

Aurora has an enormous experience, she has learned numerous spiritual practices and invented some on her own! What makes her special is that she is always ready to share her knowledge with you. She will teach you, guide you and love you unconditionally.

I hope that you will appreciate what an opportunity this is and make the most of it. Aurora North is one of the few professionals in the spiritual field that I can trust. When you need a reliable and honest person, don’t hesitate to hire her! Whatever you pay for her services will be much less than the quality that you will receive.

I don’t think twice recommending her my clients or collaborating with her. I look up to Aurora as a mentor! Thank you for your dedicated work, I am so grateful for all you have taught me! ”
~ Kamy Dova, Spiritual Counsellor, Naturopath, and Author of “Make Your Wishes Come True: 7 Steps To Manifest Through The Law Of Attraction”

“Aurora is a great Teacher and Medium. She nurtures and helps you develop your medium skills. She gives you confidence to try. She also keeps you energetically safe with the grounding and cleansing techniques she uses. She is a great listener and super supportive.”
~ C.H.

“It is an absolute joy attending any of Aurora’s classes! I always leave with my spirits greatly lifted and having learned so much! She is a gifted psychic and her readings are gentle and heartfelt.

In every given situation, she helps me move forward with ease, shedding light on what path best to follow in my current life.

Aurora’s spiritual events are quite simply the cream of the crop! She’s a true guiding light both as a medium and teacher. Thank you, Aurora, for being in my life. ♥”
~ C.V.

“I was so high after leaving the (mediumship development) class and still am today!

My channel was very high and open, meaning the energy and the people present were wonderful.

I am very much looking forward to the next one! Highly recommend for beginners who are new to mediumship, or those looking for a safe space to practice and open up their horizons.”
~ C.D.

“Aurora’s events are always a lot of fun and she has a vast array of knowledge – be it as a Medium, with Tarot, Meditation or where the best haunted locations are in Montreal. She is dedicated to making sure her clients get maximum enjoyment. Highly recommended!”
~ Alan Legault, HypnoHorizon,

“I can’t express my gratitude enough to Aurora for her patience and guidance in helping me understand the paranormal world and for all her help in successfully removing spirits from our home recently. She has a very calming demeanor and immediately reassured me and put me at ease that she could help me recover the sanctity of my home.

I encourage anyone who is having paranormal activity to consider Aurora and her services.

There are no words that can adequately convey how thankful I am for Aurora’s expertise with the paranormal. Thank you again for all your help Aurora.”
~ I.P.

“OMG!!! Aurora provided me with an amazing and quite inspirational reading. I still have chills from it!

She confirmed many things for me regarding the origin, presentience and future of my spirituality.

While doing this she also provided me with true blessings to look forward to, along with how I should proceed with my next steps.

I highly recommend Aurora for your past, present and future insights, along with guidance needed to go forward on your unique path. She is truly a connected conduit for God/Spirit/Source.

Thank you so much, Aurora!! My reading was superb!!!!”
~ D.A.

“Aurora is a very kind and generous medium. On a personal level, she is very kind and polite and treats all her clients as equal. When you get to the reading itself, she is spot on and validated and reinforced that I was on the right path for my life. She gets right to the point. She helped me remember my identity, my purpose and the love the Divine has for me.”
~ R.T.

“I loved my reading from Aurora! I asked her questions about my next steps in my life path and she answered me with info that resonated with me so much it touched the core of my being! With her answers I know what I will be doing and I feel blessed, thrilled, and inspired. Aurora, your reading was spot on for me and I can’t thank you enough!”
~ S.Y.

“I just received my first reading from Aurora and it was one of the most wonderful readings I have ever received. Her messages are filled with such hope, light and love and they resonate so well with all of the situations I am currently experiencing. Her insight and intuitive power is simply magical and I will definitely be seeking her out for more readings in the future! Thank you so much for your beautiful messages Aurora, you are truly a very talented soul.”
~ S.L.

“I can’t find the right words to describe what Aurora’s reading means to me. The message she delivered brought me to tears, as each word resonated deeply in my heart and soul. It was the answer i was looking for, offering validation, support and encouragement to my spiritual path.

I’m so grateful for connecting with Spirit through Aurora in such a beautiful and uplifting way. I will treasure this message close to my heart. Thank you thank you thank you.”
~ S.T.

“Thank you, Aurora! I absolutely love the reading and I believe that it was honest and true. My Spiritual Path/Gift reading was an emotional and uplifting reading and I would recommend it to everyone who needs pure validation and confidence to move forward with their dreams.

I feel that I can fully believe in myself, my gift, and my ability to share it with the world. Thank you Aurora, you have a beautiful gift and I am blessed to have had this opportunity to be read by you. I am forever grateful.”
~ V.T.

“Aurora took care and time with the reading she gave me. Not only did I feel the connection of her words, but it also brought up inner reflection that needs to be done. What a lovely reading. Thank you again ❤️”
~ C.W.

“The reading was absolutely amazing concerning my spiritual gifts! I was especially blown away when you told me one of my gifts was working with angels! I have been collecting angel figurines for about 22 years! That was a great confirmation for me! I loved the messages from my spirit guide team & what I need to do to strengthen my gifts! Just what I needed to know. Thank you so much! Light & Love!”
~ L.H.R.

“I wanted to say thank you for the reading. I was so down and lost at the time of the reading. Feeling so alone and your reading gave me hope. Told me my angels were there for me and I was loved. Helped me see that there was light to find if I just asked for help and looked for it. Right after the reading as I was spending time with my family on mother’s day. It’s like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful to have you read for me and it gave me the how I needed to hang on until things got better. Thank you again for a wonderful reading. I now have some ideas about where to go next on my journey.”
~ K. O.

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