Who Ya Gonna Call? Archangels! 

by aurora north

I thought I would write about my work with the Archangels and ghost hunting.

Truth be told, Archangels are a crucial part of all paranormal investigations I conduct, whether it be for fun, public local ghost hunts, or the private paranormal investigations I conduct to help clients who are experiencing scary paranormal activity in their home or workplace.

The Archangels have my back – and I would definitely not enter the paranormal realm without them.

Archangels & Angels are an important part of my A Team (the heavenly messengers ABOVE who have my back).

I’ve been a paranormal investigator since 2008.

I’ve had a whole wide range of experiences with that over the years, and it was the cases I went on that helped me to discover that I have these mediumship gifts.

It started with my clairsentience, and I pretty much experience all the clairs for some time now.

Somewhere in the mix, I started to work with angels too.

I collected angel stuff pretty much all my life, but only in the past 4-5 years, have started to communicate with angels.

Nowadays when I lead a team during a paranormal investigation, I always call on my Big Three to work with me before, during & after the ghost hunt.

The Big Three are: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael.

I will be writing more about my adventures on my blog in the near future, so you’ll be able to hear more about my paranormal investigations.

So why do I work with the Big Three on my ghost hunts?

Well, I call on Archangel Michael to protect me & my team before, during, and after we investigate anywhere to protect us at all times from darker entities that I want nothing to do with. I WILL communicate with ghosts during the night and ask my Big Three to lead my group to ghosts that we can help. And I ask Archangel Michael for help, in not having any spirits follow me or my team home, after the ghost hunt is done.

I call on Archangel Gabriel because he helps me all the time with connecting to Spirit and channeling and opening up my mediumship gifts. He also works alot with me with all my spiritual writing that I do through my website and on other places.

More recently, I asked Archangel Raphael to also specifically join me during my paranormal investigations.

I asked for his help in opening my third eye in a safe and protected way, and he has also greatly helped me with releasing any & all fears I have had with opening my third eye.

I also started asking for his help with healing ghosts too – whatever ghosts I run into during our ghost hunts. It really is a beautiful thing to be of service by connecting with any lost souls that need our help.

Some time ago, I called on my wonderful Big Three during a paranormal investigation in the local cemetery at night.

If you’ve never visited a cemetery at night, well let me tell you the energy is very different.

You CAN sense Spirit even in broad daylight in a cemetery (and I have) but a cemetery at night is alive in a very different way.

Well we had a wonderful night of ghost hunting there.

And I even used my mediumship to connect to the family members of one of our team, as we happened upon the grave of some people connected to her.

It was quite a healing moment for her – and for me, in delivering these beautiful messages to her, and our group from these souls in the Light.

That kind of thing is why I love ghost hunting with the Archangels. They rock. No doubt about that. 🙂

#whoyagonnacall #archangelstotherescue #archangelsrock

Read more about how I help private clients needing some piece of mind from invasive paranormal activity here.

Love & Light,
Aurora North


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