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I’m Aurora. I’m a Soulful Traveler who has learned the ins and outs of how to live a happier, more spiritual and heart-centered life, through my many soulful travels.

I am also a Writer, Medium and Happiness Coach.

Are you happy?

I help people unlock their happy in every part of their lives. Work with me to see how I can help you today.

My love of writing began in the third grade when I first discovered and fell in love with the art of haiku – the very first poem I wrote.

My creative writing has been published by online magazines such as Elephant Journal.

Through-out the years, I continued to write and write in many different forms, which lead me to study Journalism at University at the age of 19, at Concordia University, which was one of Canada’s top three rated university Journalism programs.

Those invaluable tools I learned in Journalism have followed me into my many careers over the decades. Marketing and Communication has been my passion in this last decade.

Eventually I conceived the concept of the Soulful Traveler project, my very own spiritual business, where I wanted to put my writing, mediumship, and coaching skills to good use.

Through the Soulful Traveler blog, I write and share FREE articles, filled with spiritual tips and resources for the Soulful Traveler to live a happier, more heart-centered and soulful life.

I am a Happiness Coach, Life Coach and Spirit Guide Coach, who has taken courses in mindfulness-based stress reduction and grief management.

My specialty is helping people navigate grief and other life transitions, from career changes to life’s daily challenges.

I also teach and coach in the area of mediumship development, from beginners to the more advanced.

My global caring and compassionate approach to coaching involves using various spiritual tools to help people empower themselves in their daily lives,  and on their unique spiritual paths.

I am a highly-tuned intuitive channel connecting people to their own Spiritual Team (special angels and spirit guides).

I also host a monthly Group Meditation Circle experience, called “Meditation Magic”, where participants fly the Friendly 5th Dimensional Skies, and travel to different realms of time and space!

My mission is to help people experience more joy, miracles, blessings and happiness every day of their lives.

I serve my coaching clients both online via Skype, and in the local area, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montréalaise de naissance, je suis bilingue, et je sera très heureuse de servir mes clientes en français aussi. Allons-y!

Read more about my soulful travels with the spiritual and the paranormal, and through my blog.

Keep in touch with what I’m up to, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Bright Blessings,
Aurora North


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Aurora’s offices are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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