Paranormal Investigations

by aurora north

Since January 2008, I have participated in many intriguing investigations of reported, possible and potential sites of paranormal activity.

Having had a fascination with all things paranormal since I was a child and having experienced unexplainable phenomena myself, I was kick-started into taking an active role in investigating the paranormal with the passing of my beloved mother at the end of 2007.

Her death and the great void it created in my life made me seek for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, death and the hereafter. A spontaneous reading from a Medium friend during my very first paranormal investigation in 2008 gave me a very personal and memorable message from my mother and the incentive to keep seeking answers in both the paranormal and spiritual fields.

During the many paranormal investigations I have participated in through-out the years, I have shot hundreds of photos and videos of material, and have collected various EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) capturing otherworldly voices and also one most intriguing incidence of a ghost captured live on video one dark & stormy night. Yes, the night was actually dark & stormy! 🙂


I would like to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude I have for my friend Patrick Zakhm of Montreal Paranormal, for being both a friend and mentor, during our many years of investigating paranormal places of activity together, and our many in-depth discussions on all things paranormal. Through Patrick’s gentle and generous advice, I learned what a Sensitive was and began to further develop my own Empathic gifts, with a greater understanding of both the energies and emotions I had picked up over the years from both places and people.

Patrick is a Sensitive (with a degree of psychic & medium abilities). He’s also a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, with akashic records reading abilities (which is tapping into the past of a location), ghost signature and residual energy reading abilities. He is the author of two books; Dreams : Language of the spirit world and Haunted Places , and has a chapter dedicated to his investigations in Danielle Goyette’s book, Chasseurs de Fantômes.

In investigating paranormal locations, with the energies I sensed from both the living and non-living, I was first able to name my spiritual gifts and then pursue many varied avenues of education and resources to further develop my gifts.

I am also deeply grateful to Archangel Michael for his protection, wisdom and guidance during both paranormal investigations and my daily life.

This past few years, I have discovered & have been developing my own Mediumship gifts.

At all times, I welcome opportunities to participate in paranormal discussions with like-minded people.

In the course of my paranormal explorations, I have found many resources online and have made many friends and connections with fellow paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiasts.

Please fill out the form below, in order to contact me on any paranormal matters.

Last and first at all times, I am profoundly grateful and give thanks and love to God, The Creator, for the blessing of my path on this Earth and all that I have learned in this lifetime and beyond.

Read more about me here.

Love & Light,
Aurora North


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