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Are You A Soulful Traveler? Find Out Here!

by aurora north


Are you a Soulful Traveler?

Perhaps synchronicity brought you to this heart-centered place and you are wondering just what being a Soulful Traveler is all about.

There is being a soul and traveling all over the world and then there is BE*ing a SOUL*full Traveler.

10 Ways To Live A Soulful Life

You may be a Soulful Traveler if:

#1. Soul Perspective

For some time, you want to live/have been living life from the perspective of your soul, from the inside out, recognizing that we are all part of the same energy and mysterious force.

You endlessly research and read up on a range of spiritual topics, hungering for more & more soulful knowledge and wisdom to illuminate your life with light and love.

#2. Solid Sense of Identity

Your sense of identity is well-rooted and grounded. You know who you are and your sense of identity is no longer is dependent on the opinion of others. You are happy and content with who you are now, in this moment.

#3. Unconditional Love 

You would like to/are already able to tap into the well of endless unconditional love that is found in the Universe in an instant and you see out with the eyes of love.

You pass on that unconditional love to those who cross your path, knowing that to love unconditionally means to form no attachments, but to let others freely walk their own path to their Highest Self.

There is nothing possessive about unconditional love. You know it is about letting things go. And you let go and let God.

#4. Empathy

You are an empathic creature and can easily feel what others feel. Yet you also want to set healthy boundaries in letting others freely walk their own path on this divine journey on Earth.

#5. Déjà vu and Déjà Everything

You would like to/have already experienced Déjà vu and/or Déjà Everything, with all of your regular 5 senses and also your intuitive senses. You have knowledge or have been given knowledge of past lives you have lived on earth and elsewhere.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

#6. Higher Power

You believe in some Higher Power, by whatever name you wish to call it, by whatever faith & belief system that you embrace, and know that we are not alone amongst the stars. The heart of your belief system embodies some sort of belief in love and light.

#7. Daily Spiritual Practice

Your spirituality is an intrinsic part of your daily life and is as essential to you as breathing or laughing. And you appreciate a good laugh.

#8. Ownership and Responsibility

You have shed all victim mentality from your thinking and no longer blame the world and other people for all of your problems.

You also aspire to/currently fully & daily embrace ownership and responsibility of your own life, seeing with total transparency all that you have contributed to the relationships and situations in your life, (past, present & future) and are consciously learning and evolving from all the bumps and joys in the road.

You know that ultimately there are no bad or good experiences; it is all experiences and lessons to learn from.

#9. Other Soulful Travelers

You feel an unimaginable joy when you cross paths with & recognize other Soulful Travelers, who come from a great range of varied faiths & belief systems.

You share wonderful stories of discovery and similar soul lessons with each other.

In those moments, you fully grasp how We are One and We are Love.


#10. Rinse and Repeat #1-9

You have experienced or aspire to experience #1-9.

Washing Dishes and Honoring The Sacred

To be a Soulful Traveler means taking the next step, in soulfully exploring our Universe, making an every day moment a soulfully rich experience.

Whether you are simply washing the dishes in a meditative state, as Thich Nhat Hanh lovingly describes in his book, The Miracle of Mindfulness, or you are honoring and treasuring your own sacred space and all the sacred spaces you find out in the world.

To be soulful is to pour your soul all over your human experiences, with many thoughtful and loving strokes of love.

To be soulful is also to be compassionate, both with yourself and others. You forgive those who hurt you along the way, and forgive  yourself when you hurt others or yourself.

To be a Soulful Traveler also means traveling!

The Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything – Beyond 42

Traveling means traveling through time and space when you meditate, connecting to other dimensions, to the world of Spirit, The Source, The Creator, God, heaven, the stars and beyond. What a rush.

creation of adam cropped

I also love the word “Traveler”, because it is another word for people that we call “gypsies”, or The Romani, as they call themselves.

It is that wanderlust, that gets your feet a’ tappin’ and wanting to explore other places and other worlds.

The urge to travel can lead to physical explorations and/or adventures in other energetic dimensions or realities.

Traveling also involves traveling within yourself, where you find many answers to your questions, in the deep pockets of silence to be found there.

So basically putting the “soulful” plus “travel” together means a whole universe (or bunch of universes inside and out) to go out and explore and play with.

Time to have fun, Soulful Traveler.

This website is dedicated to all of the above, including many in-depth blog articles to follow on how to live all 10 soulful points, and much, much more.

I wish with all my heart that this heart-centred place filled with light & love that I have created here for all of us, will nourish your soul and make you want to go a’ soulfully wanderin’ too.

Bright BlesSINGs,

Aurora North is a Writer,  Medium, and Soulful Facilitator who, through spiritual coaching, helps people unlock their soulful potential. She channels messages from Spirit (angels, spirit guides, Earth-bound spirits, departed loved ones & other light beings) which provide healing and growth along the spiritual path. She has also been giving tarot and oracle card readings since she first picked up a deck 20 years ago.  To book a session with Aurora, please choose from the Menu of Services or send her a message.


5 thoughts on “Are You A Soulful Traveler? Find Out Here!

    1. Thank you so very much for stopping by my new blog & for your wonderful comment, Jamie!
      I truly appreciate your words and am very happy to have crossed paths with you. Love your Writing Wings blog and look forward to following your own journey. Bright BlesSINGs. Aurora 🙂 ❤


  1. Love your site Aurora!
    Being on your site feels as if I’m in a garden full of exotic flowers found nowhere else then in this garden. And these flowers are giving off unconditional love, spiritual light and knowledge to all the masses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel so touched and honoured by your words, Patrick. It is bliss to hear that this website I created made you feel so warmly welcome.

      All that you said was my dream come true – that others feel enriched by reading these words my Spirit felt compelled to write. I am honoured and so grateful to be a channel for these wonderful Divine energies that flow through me from The Source, Our Creator, the great I AM who is everywhere and within all of us. It is a gift to serve.

      Much Love & Gratitude,
      Aurora 🙂


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