A Cosmos of Gratitude

by aurora north


Down to the Source
Where my soul waits
What took you so long
She says to me
I needed to shed my skin
I reply
Do you feel better now
She asks me
I feel free
I reply
As I drift away
To somewhere

I float through the cosmos

Between planets
Kissing a black hole
Slipping through a worm hole
Entering the other side

Purple planets
Blue alien beings
Say hello

Are you sitting comfortably?
My blue avatar guide says to me
I blink and smile yes
He reaches out a hand
To my hand
And when we touch
We fly together
Speed of light fast
Spinning spinning spinning
Swimming swimming swimming

I am a seed of a seed
I am an acorn waiting to be born
I am everything and nothing
All at once
I understand what was misunderstood
I grasp the unthinkable
Everything is upside down
And now makes sense

Do you believe now?
My blue avatar guide says to me
I believe that I can believe
I say to him
Very good
He replies
And then we are away

I am standing in a field
Like no field I have seen
Flowers float in the air
Water arches up around them and back again
Beings float next to each flower
Sitting in a lotus position
Beaming their thoughts to the flowers
The flowers respond back
This is what flower language is like
I think to myself
My blue avatar guide replies
Now you understand

Thank you K
I say to him
And I feel his thanks
In my own heart

We smile at each other

And then I am back alone
Floating in the black cosmos
Of my waking dream

I contemplate the Earth
Floating near me

So this is what it’s like
To hug a planet
I think
And feel the warm rays of light
From my heart
Wrap around the planet
Mother Gaia says back to me
Got your back, Mama
I say back to her

Thank you Mother Earth
For this moment of gratitude
I needed that
Any time
The blue planet says back to me
Come back again and visit
She says

And then I look up
And am back in my room
And my heart
Is filled with the gratitude of the day
That I needed to feel

So grateful
Thank you Source Energy
Thank you, God.


© Aurora North


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