A Past Life Regression Halloween in Jack the Ripper’s London

by aurora north

Clip clop clip clop
Clip clop clip clop
Clip clop clip clop

The horses’ hooves sounded sharply on the cobblestone street as the dark carriage whipped around the corner of the street.

A wind caused by the passing of the carriage whipped around a woman in black who stood on the corner.

The time and place.

London in the 1800s, where the horrors of the man who would one day be known far and wide as Jack the Ripper was freshly whispered about town – this MAD JACK…
a killer called Leather Apron by some…

I stared at the unassuming black-clad woman who was ME – in this past life.

I had entered into the strange universe that is a past life regression hypnosis experience.

On All Hallows Evening. Samhain. Halloween.

When and where the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, and when the dead may appear and once more come back to life.

Hair black as the night was piled high and austerely around her pale, wan face.

She wore a plain wide-brimmed hat and a plain black dress that had a line of small buttons from the dress’s high neck down the length of dress that fell to her feet, where her black boots peeked out from where the dress fell.

She had an emaciated air about her and briefly coughed into the pristine square of a white handkerchief.

A small dot of red blood appeared on the white fabric, which she quickly tucked back into her small black bag.

Her austere attire and mien befitted her station, which was that of a governess.

I had slipped through the fabric of both space and time to visit this old Earth life of mine, to learn just what my soul had brought into my modern day life in 2015…

The mists of time surrounded me on this Halloween night, taking me to discover some mysteries of my soul…

Halloween 2015

My boyfriend and I drove through the dark country road looking for the next road marker in our quest. It was Halloween Night, October 31, 2015, and we were on our way to a most singular Halloween celebration.

A Past Life Regression Halloween Party Like No Other

The theme for the evening:
“Come as who you think you were”.

And so we did.

My boyfriend was dressed as the 60s Hippies he never stopped being – in his own words.

Brown suede fringe vest. A purple crystal pendant hanging around his neck. Beat-up holey jeans. He was himself.

I was dressed as an Irish Witch.

A large-brimmed green witch’s green hat, with a little veil on it. Green finger-less fishnet gloves. Black fishnet long sleeved top. Witchy black peasant style long flowing black skirt with delicate embroidery picked through it. Black fishnet stockings with black high-heeled boots.

I believed that I had more than one past life in Ireland, where I died as a witch. This I had experienced when I had toured Ireland, decades ago.

My boyfriend and I looked quite the pair on this Halloween night 2015, the two of us.

As we drove in the dark, underneath a dimly illuminated moonlit night, an actual fog rose up from the road ahead of us.

The Perfect Halloween Spooky Drive

It looked like the Blair Witch Project come alive.

We were alone in the middle of nowhere, driving through the wilds of Ontario, Canada.

The GPS on my cell phone turned out to be a Godsend, as we almost missed the small wooden marker indicated only the number of the road where we were to turn.

We made it to our destination, safe and sound. And we breathed a sigh of relief.

But yet the night was young – and more mysteries shrouded in mist were to unfold before us.

Taking us to places we had never been before –
in this life-time.

The Time Traveling Hostess With The Mostest

We entered the small room on the top floor of an old trading post, a building with some history of its own.

The Martintown Trading Post 1803 is a charming location lovingly restored by the owners, Gary and Tammy, who had turned it into a combination bistro restaurant, antique shop, with a room to rent to local community groups at the very top of the building.

As we had a tasty hearty meal cooked by Gary, Tammy greeted the never-ending line of Halloween Trick or Treaters, giving out cookies and pizzas and other treats cooked on the premises.

After we filled our bellies, we went up to join the Halloween party, where we met our delightful hostess Aileen Donovan of Past Life Regression Canada, and her husband Tom, and a range of other colorfully costumed party goers – including Kelly Roughton, our Montreal connection, who had advertised the event through her online metaphysical group.

There was an air of anticipation in the room when Aileen took the floor, and explained how she would lead us through our adventure through time and space.

And then we all closed our eyes and followed the melodic and hypnotic sound of Aileen’s  voice, as she slowly and skilfully brought our group through the mists of a mysterious forest…

When I walked through the silent forest, we ended up on a boat on a lake, and then before me, there were the mists of time.

Back In Time

I stepped through and found myself on a cold, cobble-stoned street in London, somewhere in the 1800s.

Somewhere there, a killer was on the loose, killing women of the streets and leaving a carnage behind.

And I stood there looking at my past life.

A simple governess. No one important to the history of time – except for my own timeline.

I looked at the pale white face framed by all that dark unrelieved black.

And I felt her. I felt what I felt inside of her, inside of me.

My lungs burned. I felt so very tired and weary.

Another cough hit me and I struggled to catch my breath. I hurried, with what little strength I had, to make it to the chemist before he closed.

At the apothecary, I quickly paid for the remedy that he had prepared for me, and went back into the streets again.

A street urchin I knew passed me by, and I called out to him as I slipped him a coin. I knew his name – Lawrence.

With a shock I realized that he was my present day boyfriend’s father!

Whom I had never met, his having passed away decades ago, long before I had met the love of my life.

Information about my life came to me.

I knew the children of these streets well, as well as the children of the wealthy and affluent family who were in my care, as their governess.

The care of those children soothed my maternal heart, my widow’s heart, having lost both my husband and child in this life time, their deaths so close to each other.

I had no blood left. I was alone in the world.

Through the mists, Aileen’s voice continued to guide us on our voyage…bringing us to the place where we lived in the life-time we each saw unfolding, in the group trance we were immersed in…

A Distant Home

I entered the servant’s entrance of a well-maintained mansion, into the warm hearth of the house’s kitchen.

The cook called out to me, letting me know she had kept some food aside for me, for my supper.

I looked upon the plate at some sort of bland mess of vegetables or meat of some sort.

But the consumption in my lungs left me with little appetite in this life. So I merely tasted a bit, then put the plate to the side.

I then went up, to continue with my duties, checking in with my two charges.

A boy and a girl, both blond, played in a room. Somewhere between the ages of six and ten. I felt a great fondness and love for them in my heart, as I spoke with them.

They were the great sum of my life and what gave me most joy.

My employers barely noticed my existence, but the children appreciated my tender care, and they showed me some signs of affection, in my daily work.

The Most Important Moment in Time

Aileen’s voice wove through the room again. Calling out to us, for our spirits to visit the most significant moment of this life-time…

And quite suddenly, I was giving birth.

It was raw and painful and a regular child birth for the time.

It was a pain like no other, but not the worst of births.

I saw blood in the room, inside me and around me, as a baby boy was born out of my womb.

Suddenly I KNEW who this child was and what he meant to me.

He was my boyfriend in this present life!

My heart burst with such love, for this flesh of my flesh born from me, and for the man I had loved for years, in the year 2015.

Oh so much love made my heart ache. Too much love to contain.

In this old London life, I saw my son took after my husband. But alas, my son had a weak disposition, and left the world some few months after he was born.

Soon after, my husband left for the military to do his duty to God and country, and he passed away too, in a distant land.

The Lesson Learned From A Past Life

I was alone once again.

I took a job as a governess, with different families, until I met the family of those two fair-haired children. And there I stayed, until the children were of age.

I then realized what I had brought back into my present life from this past life.

That sense of loss, of losing my baby, made me not want to have children of my own in this life.

However, like that London self of mine, I still had the maternal ways, of taking care of people in my care, or who I crossed paths with, in this life.

Again, Aileen’s voice continued to guide us through our journey through time, bringing each of us to the last moments of that Earth life…

A Gift In Dying

And then I saw myself as an old woman, dying, all alone in a mean little room. My hair was long and white, and contained in a long braid. I wore a faded white nightgown that had seen better days, as I breathed my last.

And then Aileen’s voice whispered that we could ask our spirit guides for a gift that we could bring back into our present day life…

As I breathed my last breath in that past life, I saw many, many angels come to me, to help me transition into The Light of The Other Side.

And I asked the angels for a special gift.

The angels tenderly agreed and I felt so very free, as I flew up with them to heaven.

One day I look forward to seeing that special gift from the angels manifest.

After I left that life, I heard Aileen’s voice guiding us back to the present day room we came from, back to reality of a Halloween gathering like no other, in that small room.

Back To The Present

After we had all opened our eyes back in 2015 and stretched and got up and walked around, Aileen encouraged us to share our experiences with the room.

And so I did, and so did many others. We marveled at all the tales of distant – and alien lands.

And my boyfriend and I drove back to the comforts of our lives back in Montreal.

While I had visited this past life of mine, I had learned my full name at the time.

After I had made it back in town, I went on the internet and with some research, I learned that there were indeed two women who lived in London during that time frame, with that name.

And tonight, I thought about what I had learned that special night, when the veil between the living and the dead, are at their thinnest.

Like this Halloween night, October 31, 2016.

Some months later in March 2015, I had gone once again to one of Aileen’s Past Life Regression group events.

And that time, I explored, with great wonder, a life between times on Earth and beyond – in a Magical Castle in The Sky!


Today, I teach my own style of Past Life class, as part of the weekly Mediumship Development classes and workshops that I offer both online and in person in the Montreal, Quebec area.

My Past Life class is one of my most popular classes and is available in both a private one-to-one class, or as a group class format.

Would you like to explore one or more of your OWN past lives and see WHERE and WHEN you lived?

And find out just what soul lessons YOU learned from that life?

Fill out the form below to begin your own adventures into the past life realms!

Have you had some past life adventures?

Please do share your past life journeys, in the comments below.

All Hallow’s Evening blessings and greetings to you,
from the mists of time,


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