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“One of the most intelligent women I have come across.

I have traveled the world but never came across anybody like her.

When you sit down with Aurora you are literally sitting down not only with one person but with great minds of history.

It’s an honor to be her friend. I recommend her to all fields. She’s a great leader, very wise and a trustworthy person. And above all that she has a great sense of humor.”
~ Patrick Zakhm
Author of “Haunted Places”

You deserve goodness in every part of your life.

You deserve to have an unstoppable belief in yourself.

You deserve to wake up happy every day, and go to bed happy every night.

You deserve to have only what you want to have, in every part of your life.

You deserve to be happy.

Life is too short to accept anything else.

Work with me to bring in every little bit of happiness that you deserve.

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Working with me may cause you to:

β˜… Witness miracles everywhere.
β˜… Discover and embrace more talents and gifts than you ever imagined.
β˜… Dance at the drop of a hat for no reason.
β˜… Bring the sparkle and snap back into your relationships.
β˜… Bring angels, fairies, mermaids, and unicorns into your spiritual path.
β˜… Embrace the beauty staring out at you in the mirror every day.
β˜… Reignite the passion and creative fire in your livelihood.
β˜… Embrace countless blessings and an abundance of good things in your wallet and in your heart.

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I look forward to helping you with your transition, into the bestest, happiest YOU, and helping making your dreams come true.

Wishing you the brightest of blessings,
Aurora North

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