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How To Connect To Your Highest Self – Your #1 BFF (Best Friend Forever). Part 1. Smile.

by aurora north

Did you know that there is someone who has been your number one fan all your life?

That someone has been with you since you took your first breath on Earth, and will be there when you breathe in your last. They loved you in that first breath, and continue loving you every single day, and every single moment of your life, until – and beyond – your last breath on Earth.

They are there for you each time you stumble, when you cry, when you face your deepest and darkest challenges, and each and every time your fears do or don’t come true. They are there rooting for you, believing in you, and sending you the bestest, most positive energy your way.

They are always there for you. When everyone else leaves, when you think there is no more light at the end of the tunnel and when you feel most abandoned and alone. They are there and never leave you, not even for one second. They are there to root for you, to whisper to you, “You can do it!”.

Oh baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough,
Ain’t no valley low enough,
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you, babe.”
~ Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

They are also there when you feel your greatest joys in life. When you give birth to, and take care of your beautiful children, they are there. When you conquer each and every mountain, they are there. When you graduate from every school, and when you graduate from the School of Life, they are there and so proud of you. When you finally beat down your addictions and dependencies, they are there. They are there high-fiving you and saying “Way to GO!! YOU ROCK.”

Every time you create something beautiful in the world, or share something beautiful with the world, they are there. Every time you laugh, every time you connect deeply with someone who crosses your path, they are there.

Not only are they there, they also never fail to be on your side, to listen to you, to listen to your heart’s deepest desires and dreams, and believe in you, that you could do anything.

When you most doubt yourself, when you think you are at your ugliest, your lowest ebb of energy, they never fail to see you at your most beautiful. In this person’s eyes, you are always, and will always be, nothing but BEAUTIFUL. They see the potential in you that no one else can. They see the greatness that they just KNOW you can aspire to. They see the very bestest YOU, unique YOU, each and every time.

Some of you already know this person, your greatest fan, and the bestest friend you have ever had. This is a little someone called your Highest Self. Some people just call them your soul. Yes, your BEAUTIFUL, eternal and infinite soul.

Why do people call your soul your Highest Self? Because your Highest Self, your soul, is the best version of you, the one who has the highest intentions, the intentions to share your gifts with the world, to help others. Your Highest Self is the you who you are when you give most selflessly to others. Your Highest Self is the you whose mission in life is to serve God, the God or Creator of your beliefs. Your Highest Self knows WHY you came to this life and what your True Life Purpose is all about.

Want to live a more soulful life? Start with saying hi to your Highest Self! 10 Ways to Get In Touch With Your Highest Self – Your #1 BFF. Part 1.

When you are in touch with the Highest Self within you, you know it, because you feel that “click” and are at most peace. Your Highest Self cares only for your happiness. And when you fully and completely live life at the SOUL level, feeling so connected to that incredible and amazing Highest Self, you then realize that The Universe is filled with endless miracles, all around you, and you simply feel blessed.

Wouldn’t you like to live life at the soul level every day? Who wouldn’t?

If you do already, than yay for you! If you would like to learn a few ways to get in touch with that Beautiful Highest Self, who never stops believing in you, then step right here. Everyone has their own path to walk but perhaps these ways will inspire you, and help you to get to know your Highest Self, that wonderful BFF, in a few new ways. So let us begin.

1.  Smile at Yourself.

girl smiling eyes coffee cup

For many of us Soulful Travelers, we spend quite a few hours of our lives smiling at other people, smiling at our loved ones and the people we care about, or even sometimes smiling at random strangers or acquaintances that we share a special moment with.

But how many times do you take the time to smile at yourself?

Take a moment now to do just that. Grab a mirror and look at yourself. Don’t think about it, don’t think of a reason to smile, just do it. Smile at yourself. How does your face feel? The actual physical act of smiling does something special to us.

If you are feeling a sad thought, try smiling at yourself in a mirror. It’s silly. It probably won’t make sense. But just try it. Doesn’t it make just a teensy bit of sadness just go away? How does it do that? What is it about a smile?

If you are feeling happy, and you smile at yourself in a mirror, doesn’t that make you feel even more happy? And maybe it even makes you laugh, to be smiling away for no particular reason?

When we are feeling good about ourselves, when we are doing something we enjoy, and are in the zone, we naturally break out in a smile. Smiles just happen.

Do you know what you see when you smile at yourself in a mirror? Let me introduce you to your Highest Self. You reading this, this is Your Highest Self. And your Highest Self is so happy to see you! Look deep into your eyes in that mirror. That is your Highest Self looking back at you. They are not judging you or thinking about what you’re wearing today. They don’t see any blemishes or flaws or anything that needs changing. They see YOU. You see YOU. And you are happy just to see you! In fact, you should see yourself more often.

Don’t get me wrong. This is no fairy tale moment where the girl is saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of them all?” You are not here to be told that you are pretty or handsome. This is not about your physical body. You are here to see this incredible being, who lives inside of you, who has survived every moment of your life. You somehow made it through it all. And the person, that soul shining out of your eyes in the mirror, that comforting and ever loving Highest Self, is seeing you for who you really are, inside and out.

And how they love you for who you are.

That is what you see in those eyes, your eyes, looking back at you. If you look carefully, while you are smiling, you will see and feel that love. Your Highest Self is nothing but pure love. And anytime you want to see and feel some of that love, take a moment to go smile at yourself in a mirror. And see what happens. Your Highest Self will be ever so happy to see you again.

Have fun smiling,

Aurora North is a Writer,  Medium and Soulful Facilitator who, through spiritual coaching, helps people unlock their soulful potential. She channels messages from Spirit (angels, spirit guides, Earth-bound spirits, departed loved ones & other light beings) which provide healing and growth along the spiritual path. She has also been giving tarot and oracle card readings since she first picked up a deck 20 years ago.  To book a session with Aurora, please choose from the Menu of Services or send her a message.



9 thoughts on “How To Connect To Your Highest Self – Your #1 BFF (Best Friend Forever). Part 1. Smile.

  1. I love the statement you wrote “you can feel the click” and that’s what’s it’s all about, feeling. You can’t fake knowing and loving Spirit … or yourself and that’s where it starts. Great post Aurora. I look forward to reading more.


    1. Hi Donna!
      Yes, we Lightworkers are all familiar with that “click”. 🙂
      And those of us who are intuitive writers, like you & me, help our fellow souls feel that “click” too.
      The relationship with Spirit is so very precious and special and I feel so blessed for experiencing that soulful connection.
      Much Love & Gratitude for sharing your own Light here, dear Donna.
      Aurora 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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