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Congratulations, You’re A Medium! Now What?

by aurora north

Who knew that hearing four little words – “Congratulations, You’re A Medium!” – could literally transform your life?

When I heard those words during a session with a talented medium years ago, my mind just stopped in time. It was a shockwave that hit me and I felt so many emotions all at once I just could not assimilate it all.

My life changed in that moment. There now was a great divide between the past unknowing me living in blissful ignorance, and the new “Congratulations, You’re A Medium!” me that was dealing with the shock I felt at learning I had such gifts.

I just did not know what to do with it. Although I had suspected for years something was going on inside me, something evolving with my spiritual gifts, I just never thought that I was a medium.

I had met so very many over the years, especially since becoming a Paranormal Investigator in 2008. Many mediums participated during our group investigations and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and asking them about their gifts. But to realize that I was one – and had been one for so long – that fact I met with both excitement and trepidation. I was afraid and I also felt blessed. How strange it was to feel both feelings at the same time.

I had been doing hundreds of tarot and oracle readings over the years and learned that was part of my mediumship gifts and a way to channel Spirit as well. Surprise, surprise.

My Highest Self Speaks Up – Loud and Clear

Part of me was not surprised of course, the part of me that was my Highest Self, my soul. She was all “What took you so long to figure this out?! Helllooooo. You’ve only been experiencing all this stuff your whole life.”

My soul was right. And it felt right, hearing that, hearing that I was a medium. The reason why I had that session, with that talented medium that day, was because I had a growing suspicion that I was channeling Spirit. Especially during the various scenes of potential and actual paranormal activity that I had investigated over the years. What made me seek out the paranormal and want to investigate it? Because I wanted answers, specifically answers about life after death.

And well, in hearing that I was a medium, I was certainly getting lots of answers.

I learned a lot during that session, so much about myself and my life purpose. I also knew I had to deal with it all. So off I went to go looking for answers.

First off, since I have always been the Research Queen, I read every single autobiography and biography of mediums that I could get my hands on. The famous and the not so famous. I read them all. I made notes about similar things I struggled with. I learned many, many techniques about how to deal with my gifts, and how to tune in to the world of Spirit, in a safe and protected way.

Embracing being a medium and all it meant sure sounds exciting, but with it also came a great responsibility. I did not take that responsibility lightly, so I decided to educate myself and learn more about what my gifts were all about.

I launched myself at various courses, followed many blogs religiously, and channeled, channeled, channeled and channeled messages from Spirit for myself and others.

It’s been an incredible journey filled with so many blessings so far. It brought so many gifted people across my path during my travels. It brought many, many teachers, in all shapes, forms and belief systems. I was blessed to learn from them all.

It has also been a relief to learn I was a medium. Because before I had that ground-breaking session with those four little words, I had been wondering and wondering and deeply craving answers for what I was experiencing. It has been a relief to learn how to channel in a safe way, and in an easy and effortless way. It is such a relief when I channel and pass on healing messages to other people. It has been a blessing when I have also received so many healing messages for myself and from other mediums.

In the midst of everything, I had this incredible burning urge to discover and pursue my spiritual calling that was relentless, constant and beautifully motivating. It felt like coming home.

Answers Here – For You and Me

In learning about my mediumship gifts, I have also had confirmed time and time again (from other mediums and from messages I’ve channeled for myself from Spirit) that writing is also one of my most important spiritual gifts that is part of my life purpose.

And part of my journey in naming, accepting and fully, soulfully embracing my spiritual calling, was to create this new spiritual home, called Soulful

That was my burning dream that pushed me every day for years. And today I am blessed with blogging from within this new home.

You see I had a dream of sharing all that I have learned over the years about living a soulfully-rich and heart-centred life, that could provide answers – and also confirmation – to all the others soulfully traveling all over the world like me.

Wishing you the Brightest BlesSINGs during your soulful travels,
Aurora North

Aurora North is a Writer,  Medium, and Soulful Facilitator who, through spiritual coaching, helps people unlock their soulful potential. She channels messages from Spirit (angels, spirit guides, Earth-bound spirits, departed loved ones & other light beings) which provide healing and growth along the spiritual path. She has also been giving tarot and oracle card readings since she first picked up a deck 20 years ago.  To book a session with Aurora, please choose from the Menu of Services or send her a message.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations, You’re A Medium! Now What?

  1. We have a lot in common Aurora. Spiritual writing is one of my gifts too! The Grammar Police get me all the time but for me, it’s about the message not the punctuation. I try though! Your stories are beautiful.


    1. Hi Donna!
      Thanks for your LOVEly comment and for stopping by. You have a BEauty*FULL blog! I just started following your blog and look forward to following your journey as well. Bright BlesSINGs.
      Aurora 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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