What Happens When A Medium Goes To A Funeral

by aurora north

Have you ever wondered what happens when a Medium goes to a funeral?

I had a special experience this year.

I went to my first ever graveside service/funeral – and first ever one since discovering I was a Medium. 

I connected with a special soul and experienced a very healing moment in my spiritual journey.

It was the mother & mother-in-law of some friends and I had never met the lady who had passed away, while she still walked this Earth.

My boyfriend & I had attended the viewing and service in the funeral salon in the Spring, but the actual burial had to wait for when the ground was no longer frozen. We went to give our friends moral support and do what we could for them.

It was the perfect summer day in the cemetery, with a nice breeze in the trees to cool things off a little, what with the temperature hovering in the high 20s degrees Celsius.

And we were lucky there was a nice shady tree where we stood before we followed in our cars to the lady’s grave.

The pastor gave a very short service at the grave which was lovely and personal.

A Personal and Meaningful Service

He read Psalm 23, one of my favorite passages from the Bible. It has always been a comforting passage to read for me, during all kinds of periods of transition in my life.

Aurora North - Happiness Coach - SoulfulTraveler.com - Psalm 23

As the Pastor talked, my mind wandered, to the thoughts of the last meaningful grave I had visited, which was 3 years ago in Italy when I had visited my mother’s grave for the first time.

That was quite a cathartic and healing moment for me…and not the easiest but helped my soul.

And as my thoughts drifted to my own mom, I reached out at the graveside to see if I could connect to our friend’s mom.

Making The Rounds Among Her Loved Ones

And then I could see her, making the rounds around our small circle gathered there. She was totally illuminated by a bright white light and looked so utterly and completely happy.

First, she went up to her spouse, and I saw her put her arms around him, and gave him a kiss. He had worn a pink tie in her honour, because it was her favourite colour.

And then she went to her son, our dear friend, put a hand on his shoulder and kissed him on his cheek. She did the same to her daughter-in-law, also our dear friend, who stood next to her husband.

Next, she stepped between her elderly sisters. One, the eldest living and the other, the baby of the family. She put her arms around both her sisters and kissed them on the cheek as well.

The Story Of A Frog That Got Around

And then she went up to my boyfriend, with a big smile on her face, showing me a little frog in her hands.

It was a running joke that my boyfriend had done, for years, when he had visited his friend while he still lived at home, that he would take her little green frog, and hide it in different places for her to find later. Her pantry, a bookshelf, the freezer. It made her laugh, and the story became a legend.

It was even shared by different people during the funeral process as we chatted with their family.

Well she showed me that she still loved that frog and was happy to see my boyfriend, at her graveside service. And I smiled back at her, and told her that I hoped she was happy with her new life in heaven.

And then she was gone.

An Everlasting Peace

It was such a beautiful experience, that I shared with my boyfriend, when we went back to his place, and he was happy that I shared it with him.

I felt such peace at seeing her, so filled with a glowing light, and happy.

It made me think peacefully of heaven and the afterlife, and the wonderful mysteries awaiting us there.

I felt blessed by my graveside vision.

Have you been blessed by a special experience with Spirit recently?

I would love to hear about it! Please comment below.

Wishing you much peace,



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