My Spiritual Journey

by aurora north

My spiritual journey began as a child, when I intuitively knew things about people, about their feelings & energies, that I could not explain.  I had no frame of reference to explain this knowing.

Later on in life, I learned about Empaths and Intuitives, and knew I had finally knew what to call my experience.

At the age of seven, I experienced my first precognitive dream, and began to wonder about a world beyond our regular Earth realm.

Through-out my life, I have experienced many spiritual awakenings, which accelerated my spiritual evolution and the development of my various spiritual gifts.

In the 1990s, I was drawn to pick up a tarot card set one day in a local bookstore, and felt an instant affinity for tarot card reading, which I have done during hundreds of readings since.  A few years ago, I added Angel Oracle cards into the mix, when I was drawn to study & work with Angels & the Angelic Realm.

As an adult, when I sought to find fellow kindred spiritual spirits like myself, which I named Soulful Travelers, I discovered that I  not only was reading the emotions and energies of the living, but also emotions and energies of Earth-bound Spirits (what we call ghosts) and other Light beings.  My aha moment with this realization came with a special reading with a talented Medium who announced to me during a session: Congratulations! You are a Medium!  This literally turned my world on its head when I looked at my unexplainable experiences in a new light.

Spiritual Development

In 2014, I was blessed with finding a local & special Medium Development Message Circle/class that helped me to understand my Mediumship gifts, day by day. It is still a Work In Progress, as I like to say. But I have been blessed with being able to both give & receive Messages from Spirit filled with Love & Light. This was when I added Intuitive Readings, where I channel directly from Spirit, to the list of services that I provide my clients. Always channeled & given in a fully heart-centered & soulfully-rich way, to brighten a fellow soul’s path.

My spiritual beliefs over the years have grown much from my Catholic roots, as I encountered & had rich spiritual discussions with people from every belief from every walk of life through out my travels.

At one point when I tried to label what my spiritual path was all about, something clicked when I discovered the term Lightworker.

Lightworkers are people who feel they have come to this Earth with a mission of sharing Light & Love with their fellow human beings. And so a Lightworker is what I am, and the main reason why I started this special website & blog project.

My Soulful Traveler blog, which will unfold with a range of spiritual & soulful topics – including just what a Soulful Traveler is – will share with you my accumulated knowledge about how to live a heart-centred & soulfully-rich life.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to all the Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides who have shared their wisdom, guidance, assistance, Love & Light, on my path through-out this life.

Last and first at all times, I am profoundly grateful and give thanks and love to God, The Creator, for the blessing of my path on this Earth and all that I have learned in this lifetime and beyond.

If you have a question or comment about spiritual topics, please feel free to fill out the form below to send me a message.

Read more about me here.

Bright BlesSINGs,
Aurora North


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