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Do you have questions about your daily life?

How I Conduct
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

First, I connect through prayer, asking God to infuse every single reading that I do with Divine Light and Love.

I then call on my Spiritual Team to connect to your Spiritual Team.

Our Spiritual Teams consist of Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Departed Loved Ones (who have crossed into the Light) who have decided to be part of the celestial team who help guide and protect us, each day of our lives on Earth and beyond. These are all beings who are in the Light.

Each one of us has their own special Spiritual Team looking out for them.

Life Areas

Would you like some insight to improve the quality
of different parts of your life?

Love and relationships. Career. Finances.
Daily Life. Health.

Spiritual Journey

Do you have some questions concerning
your spiritual journey, while on Earth?

Would you like to learn more about
your life and soul purpose?

Format of Card Reading

 I do a 4 card spread:
Past, Present, Future
Bonus card that is a general message
about all the cards together.

I will choose among my decks,
which one I am called to use for your card reading.

You have a choice of an email reading
or a card reading via Skype.

Email Reading:

Provide the following information
in the “Note to seller” field:
State one question that you wish
to have answered in a short paragraph.
Specify if you prefer a tarot or oracle deck.

A 1-2 page PDF report will be emailed to you,
to the email associated with your Paypal account
within 2 days of purchasing your reading,
that will include photos of the cards drawn.

60 Min. Skype Reading:

Readings will be done via Skype.
No recordings or text will be provided.
Be sure to take some notes of session
for your own records.

*Book a timeslot through my online calender system:

book now button
*Payment through Paypal must be received at the same time as online scheduling, or booked session will be cancelled.

Provide the following information
in the “Note to seller” field:
Skype username.
Details about your question.
Specify if you prefer a tarot or oracle deck.

Email Reading – $80.00/hour
60 Minute Skype Reading – $80.00/hour

My Decks

Doreen Virtue
Messages From Your Angels Cards
Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Flower Therapy Oracle Cards
Angel Tarot Cards

John Holland
The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Cards
The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards
The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Cards

Colette Baron-Reid
The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

Steven D. Farmer
Power Animal Oracle Cards:
Practical and Powerful Guidance
from Animal Spirit Guides

Giovanni Sharman
Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck

Annette Gauthier
Cartes de la révélation intérieure S.01
This deck is bilingual, with text in French and English.

Card Reading – Life Area
Email $80.00


Card Reading  – Spiritual Journey


Card Reading  –  Life Area
Skype $80.00


Card Reading – Spiritual Journey
Skype $80.00


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