Other Shades of Grey

Other Shades of Greyby aurora north There are other shades of greythat no one talks aboutthat no one warns you aboutthe many, many grey shades of griefbecause when griefcrashes suddenly through your hearteverything looks likemany shades of greyall the colour - just gonein a momentknocking the breathout of youthat grey, grey landscapenever-ending landscapeof every shade of … Continue reading Other Shades of Grey


Legacy by aurora north I come from Earth and water I come from the elements I come from Spirit my spirit that comes from Spirit from the spirits of my ancestors from the mothers of mothers from a long lineage of strong women who worked the land who worked hard in life sweat on their brows … Continue reading Legacy

Where Are Your Sacred Places? Take Me To Church. #soulpoetry #auroranorth www.soulfultraveler.com

Take Me to Church

Take Me to Church by aurora north Take me to church in the grounds between the trees where the light streams in through the green where Spirit touches my spirit and I am healed. Take me to church where the stones lie and they speak to me of lumbering grounding rock dreams and the golden … Continue reading Take Me to Church