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Are you looking for answers from the world of Spirit?

How I Channel

First, I connect through prayer, asking God to infuse every single mediumship reading that I do with Divine Light and Love.

I then call on my Spiritual Team to connect to your Spiritual Team.

Our Spiritual Teams consist of Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Power Animals, Trees and Plants, Other Light Beings according to your own spiritual beliefs, and Ancestors who have decided to be part of the celestial team who help guide and protect us, each day of our lives on Earth and beyond. These are all beings who are in the Light.

Each one of us has their own special Spiritual Team looking out for them.

They help us with our life lessons and every single thing that crosses our path. They love us and keep us safe every day and every night and while we dream.

As I meditate and channel, I collect the images, symbols, words, and other information that come from them through all of my Intuitive senses from your Spiritual Team.

Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling) , Claircognizance (knowing) , and sometimes even Clairgustance (taste) and Clairalience (smell).

“OMG!!! Aurora provided me with an  amazing and quite inspirational reading. I still have chills from it! She confirmed many things for me regarding the origin, presentience and future of my spirituality. While doing this she also provided me with true blessings to look forward to, along with how I should proceed with my next steps. I highly recommend Aurora for your past, present and future insights, along with guidance needed to go forward on your unique path. She is truly a connected conduit for God/Spirit/Source. Thank you so much, Aurora!! My reading was superb!!!!”
~ Dewey Aum

Our Spiritual Teams very much speak in a symbolic language,
translated through the Medium channeling the messages from Spirit.

Each Medium develops their own spirit symbols,
that we use in our work.

The most important part of the message
is the feeling part of it –
the emotions that it evokes
in the person receiving the message.

“I can’t find the right words to describe what Aurora’s reading means to me. The message she delivered brought me to tears, as each word resonated deeply in my heart and soul. It was the answer I was looking for, offering validation, support and encouragement to my spiritual path. I’m so grateful for connecting with Spirit through Aurora in such a beautiful and uplifting way. I will treasure this message close to my heart. Thank you thank you thank you.” ~ Siret Torres

Spiritual Gifts

Would you like some insight
to improve the quality of your spiritual path?

Your Spiritual Team can pass this insight onto through me, showing me where you are doing well, where you can use some improvement, and where you have the potential to go beyond what you even imagined for yourself.

Would you like to learn what your spiritual gifts are?

Would you like to learn more
about your life and soul purpose?

Would you like to receive a healing message from your Spiritual Team, to help you with spiritual development?

We ALL have spiritual gifts.

Perhaps you are a Psychic Medium and are not aware of your strongest Mediumship gifts.

Perhaps you KNOW you are a Psychic Medium and would like to learn more in depth how to develop your gifts and what kind of Mediumship Path to follow.

Perhaps you find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, and are not sure about what new direction to take.

Format of Mediumship Reading

  Provide details of your question for the reading
in the “Note to seller” field.

There is no need to book a session.

Readings are in a written format, and sent via email or Facebook Messenger.

  A 1-2 page PDF report will be emailed to you,
within 2 days of booking.

Investment: $100.00.

Mediumship Reading – Spiritual Gifts
Email $100.00


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