Other Shades of Grey - the many grey shades of grief by Aurora North - Soulful Traveler Life Coach, Spiritual Coach www.soulfultraveler.com

Other Shades of Grey

by aurora north

There are other shades of grey
that no one talks about
that no one warns you about

the many, many grey shades of grief
because when grief
crashes suddenly through your heart
everything looks like
many shades of grey
all the colour – just gone
in a moment

knocking the breath
out of you
that grey, grey landscape
never-ending landscape
of every shade of grey

because nothing grows here
but the greyest of pains
in your grieving heart

because all is dead here
no breath
no colour
no growth

just never-ending deadness
the grey, grey wind whistles through
the grey, grey, dead expanse

even your thoughts are dead here
because it just hurts
too much to think here

these are the true taboo
many shades of grey
no one talks about
we hide from the rest of the world

because in this grey, grey world of grief


For my mother, my father, and my sister.

© Aurora North

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